We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to Woopra’s AppConnect integration partners, Shopify. As one of the leaders in eCommerce software, Shopify helps thousands of businesses, large and small, to build and sell products online, with ease.

With this integration, Woopra users can access all of their essential Shopify customer data, directly from within the Woopra platform.

Begin tracking events for Shopify customer activity including:

  • Cart Updates
  • Checkout Data
  • Orders
  • Refunds
  • Customer Data Updates

Now, you can leverage the power of the Woopra platform to match anonymous shoppers to anonymous Woopra profiles, send targeted email campaigns to frequent buyers, fuel retargeting campaigns with behavioral data and more!

Need help? Here are a few examples and use cases to help you get started with the integration:

Map Out the Customer Journey to Optimize Checkout

With seamless, one-click integration, map out the end-to-end user experience to see where customers are dropping off on the path to purchase. Drill down to the individual-user level to understand where visitors are getting confused and how to re-engage them.

Checkout Funnel.png


Pro Tip: For more information on how to optimize the customer experience with Woopra Funnels, check out our latest article, “How to Leverage Funnel Analytics to See the World as Your Customers Do.”

Deliver Personalized Customer Service

With Shopify data integrated within the Woopra platform, you can get a pulse on customer happiness and pain points before engaging with them. See purchase history, items added to cart, refunds and updates in real-time on their Woopra customer profile to help your customer service team provide the best support possible.

For example, online home goods retailer Dot & Bo came to Woopra when they wanted a better way to visualize their customer data with real-time context and provide a more high touch retail experience. They needed the ability, “to pinpoint where users were dropping out of the funnel, or where they touched product but had doubts.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.34.23 AM.png














By implementing Woopra, they quickly gained a strong visualization of their customer experience, allowing them to better manage relationships. Their CEO at the time shared that, “with Woopra we now have a comprehensive profile of every customer that details purchase history, website engagement and other touch points. As a result we can execute better customer experiences such as a 5x faster average response time.”

Using Woopra’s funnel analytics they uncovered vulnerabilities in their conversion process. By visualizing and pinpointing problem areas they identified design features that were confusing to users. After fixing this area of the design, Dot & Bo experienced a 200% increase in conversion rates.

Pro Tip: Check out the full Dot & Bo case study and video on our case studies page here.

Reporting Tailored to eCommerce Needs

Know what’s happening with your business at all times with Shopify data in Woopra’s Reports. See how many visitors complete the checkout process and sort by the timeframe that matters to you most. Analyze site traffic by platform, search origin, visitor behavior, etc. Dive deep into your customer data to truly understand who they are and the steps they take to create better customer experiences.

For example, in the below report an airline is tracking their online checkout process and the steps users take to complete it. 


Leverage Automations and Triggers to Bring Your Data to Life

Send personalized email campaigns based on a visitor’s activity or remind them when they forgot to checkout with a text message! With essential customer data integrated within Woopra, you can leverage the power of consolidated data to engage with your customers instantly, through the right channels at the right time!

For example, when eCommerce hair extension retailer Mayvenn came to Woopra, they wanted a way to personalize SMS communication to their customers leveraging a combination of unique data points. Using Woopra’s segmentation capabilities, Mayvenn’s marketing team is able to respond to customers in real-time based on various behaviors and triggers.

According to Mayvenn Product Manager, Ryan Stevens, “Woopra’s user interface is incredibly intuitive for our business users, eliminating the need to bother engineering every time a new SMS or email message is needed. This has bolstered productivity for both our sales and marketing teams and alleviated requests of engineering.”

Pro Tip: Not sure where to start? Check out the dozens of Woopra AppConnect partners to choose an email, text, live chat or other integration partner that meets your business needs!

Ready to install the Shopify + Woopra integration? Navigate to AppConnect in the Woopra platform to start taking control of your customer data today!

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