Hello Woopra fans!

It's a beautiful day here in Frisco, Texas and I hope it's nice wherever you are too!

Joy and Pain

TechAU Woopra ReviewWell, it's been an exciting week in Woopraville. (Hey, maybe we need a Second Life island called Woopraville?) We've seen the joys of some of our users experiencing Woopra first hand:

(By the way, if you've done a review please drop us a link in the comments as we're having a hard time searching Google for them...)

And we've seen the frustrations of some who are waiting (some patiently, and some impatiently) for an invitation:

Wow, some of you guys are a tough crowd! :-) Anyway, we'd like to express our thanks for your continued patience as we improve and roll out services.

The Latest News

You may have already noticed that we re-launched our website three days ago Woopra.com using WordPress as our underlying CMS, which simultaneously gave us this fantastic blog! Also as part of the website overhaul we added bbPress to power our new forums. Of course, since we hate multiple logins as much as the next person, Elie and Jad made sure that we would only need a single login for WordPress, bbPress, the member area, and the Woopra Client! (Thanks guys!)

Now that the Web site is up and running we are going to turn our development attention to a number of activities that will not be so visible in the coming week - bux fixes, feature additions, and infrastructure enhancements. Rest assured however, that we are working around the clock in multiple shifts to keep advancing the ball! The current plan is to spend next week making some necessary improvements, and by the following week begin to work through the process of approving sites currently on the waiting list.

On a more strategic level, we are working on a number of significant business initiatives surrounding Woopra. So not only are we progressing on the short term initiatives, we're making plans for long term growth of Woopra as well.

You're Part of This Too!

I do want to make mention that Jad, Elie and I consider all of you to be integral to the successful launch of Woopra!

Woopra started out as an idea about how to deliver something really unique and valuable to Webmasters (just like myself, or Elie), and it is with encouragement from others that we hesitantly decided to launch it at WordCamp Dallas.

Since that incredible market introduction our motivation has come from all of the fantastic things that you've all been saying, and we really need you to keep up the work of spreading the news.

Woopra should be a community, not just a stats program. So since we all have something in common, please help us answer questions, spread the word, and stay motivated! In the meantime, we're going to work on some integrated tools that will help people get to know one another and be even more productive with our Web properties.

Till next time.

John P.

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