Shane of vBulletin has released the Woopra vBulletin Plugin for vBulletin users of .

Shane's Woopra vBulletin Plugin allows vBulletin users to use Avatars, auto tags and custom data within Woopra. VBulletin users can use Woopra without the Plugin, using the Manual Installation method, but the added features make using the Plugin worthwhile.

Woopra VB Example

Woopra users must have an active account for their vBulletin site. The Plugin is installed on your Products page. Just enter your Woopra Website ID Number under your Forum Settings options to interact with Woopra.

For more support and answers to your questions regarding the Plugin, see the Woopra vBulletin Plugin page.

There currently is a Woopra WordPress Plugin, and you can get more specifics on installing Woopra in the .

This plugin is among the first for Woopra. If you are interested in helping integrate Woopra into different blog, CMS, and website platforms, please let us know.

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