As Lorelle recently reported, an updated version of the Woopra client software was released into the wild today, and it really is fantastic. Elie and Jad have been working miracles during the course of this last week, each working about 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, to bring us all new features, bug fixes, and my personal favorite - massive speed improvements.

John P. Broke it!In fact, I just can't get over how much faster Woopra is now. I mean, I wasn't complaining before... but it feels like everything happens about 500% quicker. Is it just me, or do you guys notice this too? Anyway, we all owe these guys some love for their hard work and sacrifice. It seems to be paying off nicely.

Now for the bad news. While our technical staff was sleeping, we've developed a DNS problem that is affecting some people, but not everyone.

Which brings me to the main point of this post... well over a thousand new users have been approved in the last 24 hours - with thousands more to come tomorrow, and a lot of you are going to be looking for those downloads. Please give us a few hours to get the DNS issue straightened out if you, like me, are experiencing any issues. Personally, I'm heading to bed now that it's 3am and I've put in my 15 hours for the day!

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