Woopra Sharing Access

(WSA) is a new feature that we have just released for testing.

Woopra Sharing Access is very useful for those who want to show their website activity to their advertisers, other Woopra members, co-authors on multiple blogger sites, and more.

Where else can this feature be useful? What about communities or networks of blogs. We run Woopra on to track all our fans' activities, and to help us put Woopra to the test. Most members of our development team have Woopra running on their personal sites, including John Pozadzides's One Man's Blog, my Elie El Khoury blog, and Lorelle's blogs. We use each others' blogs to test Woopra - especially before all our new members started appearing with the premature release of Woopra invitations, who are now helping us find all the bugs we missed among our few testing sites! Thank you.

The point is that we all work together, so we can now share our website traffic information with each other, since we are part of our own community and team. This isn't a feature for everyone, but it is great for those who want and need to track more than one site and want to share their Woopra statistics. We're sure you are going to come up with even more reasons to use Woopra Shared Access - and we expect you to share them with us.

How to use the Woopra Sharing Access feature:

To share one of your sites with a fellow Woopra member, you give them permission to view your Woopra statistics. They cannot just add you to their list without your permission. You offer them shared access to your Woopra statistics.

To share one of your websites, you must have the email address of the Woopra member. It can be found in the Profile panel, if they forget which email they used to register with Woopra.

Co Wooprify FormThen follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Woopra site.
  2. Click on the Share tab.
  3. Choose the website you want to share with another Woopra user from among your list of sites registered with Woopra.
  4. Enter the email address of your co-Wooper.
    (Note that the email you have to provide must be associated with a Woopra account.)
  5. Click the Share Website button.
  6. Your co-Wooper will receive an email notifying them that you have shared access with them.

For another Wooper to share their site with you, give them your Woopra registered email address, and ask them to share their site with you. You will get a notification of their request and their site will appear in the My Websites list. When you log into Woopra, you will see their website added to the tabs across the top of the screen. Click it to view their Woopra statistics.

Currently, as we test the Woopra Sharing Access feature, all Woopra features will be seen by both parties. We are developing privilege options to select what they can and cannot see.

You can cancel the sharing at anytime simply by pressing Cancel in your Share page on the Woopra website.

WSA Table

We are really excited about this new feature, one many have asked for, and we're looking forward to hearing about how you use this and how it is working for you. Please let us know of any bug reports or issues you are having in the Woopra Forums. We're eager to hear how you like this new feature.

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