We've had a lot of excitement in the last week with Woopra, so let me start with a recap of some notable events.

  • We completed the mass approvals process early this week and now have well over 10,000 folks Whoopin it up!
  • Great news for Mac users, Java for Mac OSX was finally released. It only runs on 64bit versions, so if you have an older machine your best option is still to run Woopra in Windows under Parallels.
  • Lorelle announced a new series of weekly Forum discussions called Woopra Weekly. The first topic this week is "What do the numbers mean to you?" I'm really looking forward to these weekly discussions to better learn how to utilize information to more effectively drive my readership.
  • Our friends at RocketTheme released Woopra plugins for Joomla versions 1 and 1.5.
  • We released the brand new Woopra Sharing Access feature which allows users to grant access to their site statistics to other users. This feature has been highly requested, and it works great! I'm really enjoying it myself...
  • I learned that the spam filter in the Forums was going nuts! There were a ton of comments marked as spam and not one of them was. So hopefully I've taken care of the problem, but it's funny that no one complained!
  • Meanwhile, we passed the 1,000 posts mark in the forums (up to 1,150 actually)! Considering there are only a small number of us, we still need everyone's help to answer the newbie's questions and help keep the forums friendly and open.

Items we have on the docket for the coming week include:

  • Another major client update.
  • A new and improved WordPress Plugin.
  • A major overhaul of our behind-the-scenes tracking servers to improve performance and efficiency.
  • Increased capacity to continue approving users and scaling Woopra.

Since we have a number of critical milestones to meet in the coming week, we do not anticipate any additional Beta user approvals. I will provide an update towards the end of the week once we have a better idea of when we might be approving additional users.

In the meantime we continue ask for everyone's understanding, patience and assistance as we work as fast as humanly possible to bring you a reliable and robust Woopra experience.

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