Woopra Client Updates

new-woopra-live-viewWow, I love to be the one to deliver good news! As all of our current users will have noticed, today we pushed out a new version of the Woopra client software. This version incorporates a number of bug fixes as well as some new features that will be immediately noticed.

However, what you might not have realized is that the client software goes hand in hand with a comprehensive update of the back end server architecture that actually gathers the data. This reworking of the server allows for dramatically improved performance as well as a few bug fixes.

Three of the things that I particularly like are:

  • The live map view now displays the page that a visitor is reading as they view it.
  • The calendar has been updated to a cool new extremely easy to select slider bar.
  • We've added multi-monitor support to the full screen live map.

There have been other updates which we'll outline in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to point out these new highly noticeable items. I would also like to mention that this client update was a minor release, and we have a more comprehensive one in the works which will likely be ready in 3 weeks or less.

Mass Approvals Nearly Complete

Now, if releasing entirely updated server and client applications wasn't enough, Jad and Elie have also kicked off the latest round of Web site approvals! By tomorrow basically everyone who has been waiting should be up and running with Woopra. This brings the number of Wooprites up over the 20,000 user mark... not bad for the first 60 days!

Thanks for the patience everyone, and make sure and drop Elie and Jad thank you notes because they've been working like slaves for weeks! I'm telling you, they could really use a vacation about now. ;-)

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