young-gunsHey, did anyone see that movie Young Guns where Billy the Kid is walking around telling people "I'll make you famous"? Yeah, great line. Of course, it really has nothing to do with this post, but did you ever get something funny like that stuck in your head?

Anyway, Woopra has a new PR Company called Blast Media, and they have been fielding our inbound media requests lately (and boy are we happy to have the help). Various members of the media have asked for things like:

"...examples of clients and how they are using Woopra to improve their Web site's customer experience, or to drive more value when customers visit their site (like boosting conversions)."

If you would be interested in being spotlighted as a Woopra user, could you please do one of the following (or both):

  • Upload a short video to any of the major Video sites (YouTube, Revver, Viddler, etc) explaining why you love Woopra in your own words, along with a description of your site and how it helps. (Please keep them in the 2-5 minute range.)
  • Drop a comment below pretty much explaining the same thing, but in writing if you don't have the ability to make a video.

Please keep in mind that your comments are going to be viewed by some of the largest names in the publishing industry, and they may actually want to contact you for a follow up or short interview.

By the way, one other thing. We may want to showcase some of your videos here on, and if we do, or if we see that any of you get contacted by the media, we're going to send you a nice shiny Woopra T-shirt as a "Thank You" for your support!

So, if you can spare a few minutes to share your positive experience with Woopra, then Blast Media just might be able to "...make you famous." Thanks in advance!

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