Recently, John Pozadzides invited Woopra members to share videos, blog posts, reviews, and commentary about how they enjoy using Woopra and how Woopra works for them to share with our new public relations company, Blast Media. The commentaries were wonderful and gave us some great insights into how you use Woopra, and how we can make Woopra better.

Johnux wrote about Woopra and created a video of the Woopra live user interaction through the live chat feature. After only 6 hours playing with Woopra, he was totally sold on how fun and powerful Woopra is.

JefTek also produced a well done video review of Woopra web analytics features, covering some of the fun features like the ability to change the colors of the user interface and other customizations and details.

Among the video submissions was a PC hardware site in German, created a YouTube video review of Woopra talking about how they use it and why they like it.

Here are more videos showcasing Woopra's features and how Woopra members are using Woopra on their sites:

You can find more Woopra video coverage on YouTube.

Want to review Woopra and share your video with the world? Create your video and upload it, link to it, blog about it, and let us know and we'll review it and possibly share it with the world here on the blog and with online and print media resources who want to learn more about how you use Woopra and how Woopra is working for you.

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