The Web Host Industry Review (WHIR) show hosted by Anastasia Tubanos was among the first to interview Elie Khoury and Jad Younan, co-founders of , at the recent LT PACT 2008 Conference in Las Vegas that the Woopra team attended.

The interview entitled, Video Interview with Founders of Woopra, Real-Time Web Analytics Tool, explains that WHIR usually sticks to corporate level executives and experts in web hosting, but Woopra caught their attention with their innovative approach to web analytics, possibly changing the future of web statistics and traffic analysis for all businesses on the web.

The interview covers how Woopra works, the responsibilities of the co-founders, the trouble with manually approving every single beta tester application and the need to automate the process, pushing Java beyond expectations for the Woopra desktop client, the socialization of web analytics (putting a name on the number), the Woopra live chat conversation feature breaking the barriers of the web, where Woopra is going in the future beyond blogs to corporate websites and marketers, and more.

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