Greetings fellow Woopers!

We've been extra busy at iFusion Labs in the last month, so without further ado - lets get to the updates!

  1. We are currently monitoring over 40 million Web page views per day for over 30,000 Web sites including sites that maintain over 1,500 simultaneous visitors. In order to stay ahead of the curve we are working with our hosting partner, Layered Tech, to expand the infrastructure footprint dramatically so that we can remove the wait period and offer automatic approvals for new activations.
  2. Within the week, we'll be pushing out the new Woopra Client version 1.2 via an autoupdate to all users. If you are interested in getting a jump on it, you can download the current release candidate here, which incorporates too many new features and bug fixes to actually list here!
  3. After 1.2 is released, we're going to turn our attention to some updates to the Web site with a focus on the members area, and specifically a focus on the Web based analytics area because we've got some nifty super-secret plans for them that you guys are going to love!
  4. We also intend to publish a JavaScript guide in August which will allow developers to build plugins for popular CMS applications as well as custom developed sites to take advantage of the full power of Woopra's user and custom activity tracking.
  5. We've had many members asking us to lift the 10k per day page view limit, so as a result we're escalating our time lines and beginning work on the billing infrastructure this month. My hope is to share with you our plans for the various service levels this month, so stay tuned for that big news.
  6. We'll be posting positions to hire additional staff (looking for expert Java programmers, a JavaScript + PHP Ninja, a Community Manager, and more) in the next 30-60 days, so if you know of anyone with these skills who'd be interested in joining one of the hottest projects in the history of the Net please tell them to send a resume and cover letter to my first name We are looking to build a talented and experienced team, the likes of which will rival even Google!
  7. Finally, we've been working very hard on the financial side of the business to ensure that Woopra has the necessary funding to play with the big boys and exist as a sustainable business. I suspect we're all in agreement that a short lived run won't benefit anyone, so our intention is to ensure that we'll be here for you to rely on for many years to come.

All in all, it's been an exciting first four months, and we expect to see even more dramatic growth and change in the next four as we continue to bring Woopra out of the incubation stage and into full blown production.

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