Today we're proud to announce the release of the Woopra 1.2 client software which includes a long list of updates, bug fixes, and feature additions.

UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS: To update simply restart your Woopra client software and it should automatically detect and download the latest version. If you have any problems simply uninstall your current version and manually download the new version.

Java LogoAmong the many significant changes to the client, here are the "Top 12 New Features of Woopra 1.2":

  • All New Home Page: The first thing you'll notice is the all new home page which displays recent Woopra blog posts as well as a list of all monitored sites on the left side of the screen - complete with a histogram and basic stats for each. The most important feature of the new Home page is that there are a number of additional improvements on their way for future releases which will become available here to make every Webmaster's job just a bit easier. Stay tuned!
  • Support for Machines Running Java 1.5: This means all Mac users (not just those running OSX) can now run Woopra. With these updates virtually every system should be able to host the application.
  • Map Customization: We've had many people telling us they want to add their logo to the visitor map so they can use it for public display purposes, so here you go! Simply select Manage > Customize Live Map to add your logo to the visitor map.

  • Color-coded Visitor Map: A new color coded Map option is now available in the My Visitors area of the dashboard which gives a quick visualization of the number of visitors from each country.

    Dashboard World Map

  • Analytics Filtering Improvements: A number of improvements to the filtering of referrer and search engine data were implemented, resulting in more accurate reporting in the Analytics tab.
  • File Menu Standardization: Changes have been made to the application File menu to improve standardization in Windows and Mac OS.
  • Live Visitor Counts on the Website Tabs: For those of us monitoring multiple sites it used to take too much work to quickly see how many live visitors were on each site. We've fixed that nuisance by adding the Live visitors to each tab.
    Live Count In Woopra Tabs
  • New Login System: Now when monitoring multiple Web sites, if one server becomes disconnected for any reason it does not log out of all other sites.
  • Highlighted Tabs During Site Visits: In addition to showing the number of users on each tab for Web sites, the tabs also highlight for each page view to a site.
  • Significant Memory Handling Improvements: Certain components of the display have been streamlined to save RAM, especially for clients viewing multiple Web sites.
  • Database Improvements Resulting in Multiple Speed Enhancements: There is a noticeable improvement in speed when switching between tabs as well as when initially loading the client interface.
  • Changes Implemented For Future Updates: A number of improvements were built into the interface which should make updates smoother going forward.

We've made significant changes to the back end and server systems over the past few weeks. Although Woopra was performing at acceptable levels for our current base of clients, we believed there was room for improvement in the efficiency of our back end systems. As a result, we invested significant resources in this area and were able to improve performance by nearly 50%.

I'm sure I could go on for hours about all of the improvements we've baked into this release, but it's time you see for yourself. Start on your computer and let it upgrade and check out all the new features and power that will change how you view your blog stats forever.

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