I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, because it's been an exciting one for Woopra! Within the hour we are going to begin a series of major updates which will culminate in the release of the new Woopra 1.2 client software!

We wanted to share with you a time line of what can be expected over the next few hours - though we've chosen the least busy time of the week so with any luck by the time you read this we'll be done.

Here is what is happening:

  • In the next hour one of our Woopra engines will be upgraded to the latest super-secret code we've been working on for months. We've had it running in our development environment for over a week, so the upgrade of this engine will be a test before all of the engines are upgraded. During this phase the Woopra client software will stop working for all clients on the affected server.
  • Once the first server has been upgraded we will run a battery of tests to ensure everything is working as expected. These tests are expected to last for approximately one hour.
  • At the conclusion of the testing, and assuming everything is satisfactory, the remainder of all Woopra engines will be upgraded. The upgrade is expected to take less than one hour. This net effect will be that all of the remaining client software will stop functioning.
  • When the server upgrades are complete, we will upload the new Woopra 1.2 client software which will be a mandatory upgrade and which will work with a new protocol implemented as a result of the Woopra Engine updates.
  • Once you download the new Woopra client you will be able to view your stats again, and you'll experience a new set of features which we'll discuss in a following post.

There are two signifigant issues which we anticipate as a result of the updates:

  1. After the upgrades are complete the Web analytics located online in your My Websites area will stop functioning. We will need a couple of days to bring these back online, though you can expect fairly significant updates to the Web view when they return.
  2. All personal customizations such as notifications, color schemes, etc. will be temporarily unavailable. They are not gone, we just need about 24 hours to get them updated. So don't worry, and don't bother reproducing the customizations. They'll be back very soon.

So, here we go!

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