Londonderry Marching Band in China at the Great Wall of ChinaIn June, the Londonderry School Band traveled to China and Woopra tracked them behind the scenes. As the group leaders submitted their blog posts to the Londonderry Hometown Online News sharing their adventures across China and playing for Chinese students and officials, helped those back home monitor the blog's traffic and the crew jumped for joy when they spotted the first radar blip from China on the Live Map.

For those that are wondering where did we get this great “Command Center” software from to see what is going on at Londonderry Hometown Online News, it is a new product called Woopra. We are a beta site for them and I will tell you it is very amazing to see. We can tell who is on if they have commented or are an author. We can tell what people are looking at, how long they look at it. We can tell what people search on to find our site (over 60% of our traffic comes from search engines) we then write stories about what people are looking for. Someone searching for Blueberries would result in a story about Sunnycrest Farm. Visit for more information or stop in sometime we will demo it for you!

The Londonderry Hometown Online News reports in frequently to the Woopra Forums with bug reports and feature requests, helping Woopra improve. They shared with us their experience monitoring the band's travels and seeing international visitors on their site through Woopra:

Our installation of Woopra came just one day before our Local Band went on a pre-Olympic Trip to China. Our site is a news site, serving a micro market of just our town of 25,000 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

What a blast to watch parents log on and view details of the trip as we published them. One of our Authors was on the trip and published every day. We caught them when they logged on once and captured the screen.

Since images and video were slow in coming at the start of the trip the screen image we posted created quite a buzz in the town. We did a small edit to simulate the "rings" since we posted a static image. We also added the China flag since this part of China did not recognize the location. (Chengde) When they were in Beijing the flag and location showed up fine.

Thanks Londonderry for sharing this wonderful Woopra experience with us. How exciting for everyone involved in this international youth experience program.

If you have been using Woopra in an interesting and innovative way, please let us know. We may publish it here on the which is now seen by thousands through the Woopra desktop client on their computers.

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