Quick update for people having problems with updating the Woopra Website ID:
Download download the latest updated version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin.

As usual, our Woopra community has proven to be very supportive and the feedback from the recently released Woopra WordPress Plugin has been extraordinary. As Jad and I traveled from the United States to Lebanon for a few weeks before we return for the exciting Blog World Expo in September, the Plugin went live in time for WordCamp 2008 in San Francisco - and we were out of touch.

Thank goodness for the incredible Woopra Community which jumped in to test the new Plugin. They helped each other figure out the problems and offered solutions until we could get back online. You made us feel like we were a part of the community, not just the developers. We are so grateful to everyone for pitching in when needed. Thanks to you and your feedback, we have updated the Woopra WordPress Plugin and added some great new features.

A special thanks to Shane Froebel of The Rabbit's Hole who was everywhere supporting Woopra members on the Forum and helping fix bugs and report the errors. He's pitched in to help code part of the Plugin, so three cheers for Shane!

What's New in the Woopra WordPress Plugin 1.3?

Woopra Settings in the WordPress Administration PanelsThe older version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin allowed you to:

  • Auto-tag your commentators and members.
  • Track statistics from the WordPress Administration Panel.
  • Auto-embed the Woopra script code without having to touch your WordPress Theme template files.

We have added the following features to the newly updated version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin to integrate better with WordPress blogs:

  • Ignore administrators visits by default.
  • You can now see when a comment is posted live in the updated Woopra Application Live section on the desktop client.
  • The ability to see your blog Analytics in the WordPress Administration Panels using the API Access feature in Woopra.
  • A more standardized WordPress settings page in the Administration Panels.

Stay tuned for more improvements in the embedded analytics features of the Plugin. We are adding more accessible data through the API, and working on a generic Themed/Skin web-based analytics version to allow for more design customizations.

Woopra WordPress Plugin Countries Analytics Woopra WordPress Plugin Page Analytics

Download the Woopra Plugin for WordPress

Woopra WordPress Plugin Referrers AnalyticsThe updated Woopra WordPress Plugin 1.3 is now available for download.

Upload the new version to your WordPress Plugin directory over the old version, though if you have problems, delete the old version and then re-upload the new version to ensure it uploads completely.

Please report all bugs and problems, as well as kudos, to the Bug Reports section of the Woopra Forums. Your feedback helps make Woopra better for everyone.

Thanks so much for your help and support recently, and keep that feedback coming in.

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