Greetings everyone! Over the last few days we have had some performance issues with a few of the engines. The majority of users are unaffected, but then again there are a bunch of us who have been seeing the effects. (Higher traffic sites have noticed a greater performance hit than low traffic sites.)

If you have noticed any of the following symptoms, they are all related to the issue I'm describing:

  • Inaccurate reporting - You are seeing an abnormally low number of visitors to a site.
  • Slow client loading - You notice that the client is taking a long time to connect, or timing out.
  • Client screen partially blank - You are seeing your site's stats, but parts of the client are blank.

We wanted to share the update with you all in case anyone is worrying. The slowness issue has been resolved, though you may see a little more slowness on particular sites within the next 24-48 hours or so.

We are migrating very large volumes of statistical data between machines on The Grid. The transfers, combined with the high number of normal transactions, are taking a bit of a toll on the machines. The way we're looking at it is... hey, the machines are still running, so we might as well abuse them!

These unusually high loads should be over and past us in the not too distant future, and everything back to normal. In fact, Woopra will be better than normal!

Of course, by "normal" I mean that we'll be back to our regularly scheduled beta testing environment. You can still expect that occasionally we'll be working on the specific server that is gathering the stats for your specific site(s), so there will be times when the client may not connect. Give it an hour or two and you should be back to normal. These events should be few and far between for any individual site and less as Woopra moves through the beta testing process.

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding regarding these temporary interruptions. Rest assured that we're doing everything we can to improve the service and increase long-term performance and reliability.

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