Two quick updates for WordPress users.

  1. If you've had any problems with showing the Woopra stats in your WordPress dashboard please update your WordPress plugin as we've fixed a critical bug that prevented a few of the engines from displaying. It's likely that this update will resolve any outstanding issue.
  2. Today we released another modification to the plugin which adds support for displaying user search terms within the Live area in the Woopra client. This plugin works with either the embedded WordPress search, or with embedded Google searches.Woopra Search Terms

After you've updated your plugin to the 1.3.6 (or higher) version you will see a checkbox in the Woopra settings area for Search.

Just enable it and you should be good to go.

Now, keep in mind that the terms users are searching your site for are not being stored on the Woopra Engines. They are merely being displayed in real time within the Live tab in your client software.

One of the improvements coming down the line will be to allow Custom Event Notifications (in your Manage tab) to let you know when someone is searching on your site, and what exactly they are searching for. Who knows, you might just want to send them a chat and help them find what they are looking for.

Incidentally, this little piece of customization was accomplished by very simply using one line of code in the WordPress plugin. Our JavaScript Developer Guide gives programmers everything they need to be able to add this functionality to any other plugin.

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