It hasn't been long since I gave the September State of the Union address, and reported that we were monitoring over 40,000 sites. At this time we have almost 45,000, and we are planning to close the registrations when we hit 50,000 sites (which could be any day now).

It's likely that once we close the registrations there will be some commentary around the Web regarding this move, so I wanted to let everyone know in advance that it's coming so there are no surprises.

The rationale for closing the beta is as follows:

  • A 50,000 site "beta" is certainly a big enough sample to work through bugs and take suggestions.
  • We have a number of projects underway that we need to turn our attentions to temporarily and this will allow us to focus on core improvements as opposed to continual expansion.
  • We continue to hear from the community that you'd like more personalized attention, and pausing the site additions will ensure against further dilution of our current limited resources.

Once we've made progress on client updates, bug fixes, and feature requests - including a campaign management system, SSL support and a billing system - we will move into the next phase of our development.

At that time, the current approval system will be replaced by a personal invitation system in which current Woopra users will be given the opportunity to send invitations to friends and family.

Such a system will allow us to issue only as many invitations as we have infrastructure deployed to handle, and thus ensure that service levels are not degraded by overpopulation of the systems.

On a personal note, when we initially unveiled Woopra at WordCamp Dallas (at the end of this lecture) just 6 months ago, we never could have anticipated the amazing amount of support that you have all given us. On behalf of Elie, Jad, Lorelle and myself... Thank you!

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