Hubert Streitenberger put out a little app based on the WordPress plugin code, called Woopra 4 iPhone which reformats the Woopra stats specifically for the iPhone. Everyone I've shown it to thinks it's cool, so we want to thank Hubert for his effort and generosity and also spread the word about it's availability.

Hubert's original post is available in German, but in case you can't read it, here is the Google translation to English.

It's very easy to install, and although I didn't test it with any other platforms I think that this applet will run with any PHP based site - not just WordPress. Hopefully someone will give it a try and let us know.

I got it up and running as follows:

  1. Download and unzip the Woopra 4 iPhone installation files.
  2. Open the Config.php file and edit these three lines to replace your site's URL, Site ID and API key (found in your Member's area):

    define('woopra_api_key', 'XXXXXXXXX');
    define('woopra_site_key', 'XXXXXXXXX');
  3. FTP the entire Woopra 4 iPhone directory to a secure location on your server. You can shorten the name of the directory if you want, and even put it in your root, but keep in mind it will not be secure unless you password protect it.
  4. Visit the directory you just uploaded in your iPhone!

I hope you'll all join me in thanking Hubert not only for putting together this little app, but also for sharing it with the rest of us. He did mention that he encourages further development, so if anyone decides to turn it into a plugin or advance the code please share the results.

We do have a super-secret (well, not any more) Woopra iPhone app in the works that will be very different than this applet. Stay tuned...

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