Over the past several weeks the Woopra team has been extremely busy readying a new set of enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Today a whole series of these updates rolled out just in time for our October State of the Union.

Woopra Engine Updates

Although the primary method of accessing our statistics is the Woopra client, the Woopra Engines are the servers located in our data center that do all of the heavy lifting. They are fully 50% of the solution that delivers the live action results we've all come to depend on, and they've experienced a number of improvements in speed, reliability and usability since last month.

The most important Server update comes in the form of a completely new DNS architecture which offers multiple benefits to service management, including a radically simplified tracking script.

  • The Woopra tracking javascript has now been reduced to a single standard line of code.
    <script type="text/javascript" src="https://static.woopra.com/js/woopra.js"></script>
  • Users will no longer be required to keep track of or enter Website IDs into plugins such as WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin or other CMS platforms. Indeed, the old Website ID and Code links are gone from the Member's area and are no longer required in the javascript.

This simplification will allow designers and developers to recycle code from one site to another without needing to take site IDs into consideration.

In addition to the new DNS system, a number of key architectural designs have made information retrieval much, much faster. On high traffic sites certain functions will show speed improvements up to 1,000%.

  • Search speeds have improved noticeably.
  • Historical analytics rendering is now almost instantaneous, regardless of site traffic.
  • User Web page loading is much faster due to the new DNS service.

New Member's Area

To compliment the many changes to the Woopra Engines, there are a number of important changes to the Member's area where our Web sites and all of their critical information are listed. Three of the most requested changes of all time are now complete and can be found in the Edit tab:

  • The long awaited changes to Time Zone handling have now been implemented. Instead of manually calculating a time zone, you can simply select from a menu. This also includes automatic DST.
  • For instances where a site is moved, you can now change the domain name within the member's area.
  • URL Parameter Filtering is now available for sites that wish to include or exclude portions of URLs in order to aggregate statistics. This is especially useful for eCommerce sites with long dynamically generated URLs who wish to track individual product views, or for blogs such as WordPress that do not have Permalinks enabled but who wish to track page views separately.

More to Come

In addition to the myriad of changes presented in today's release, there are still many more goodies on the way in the coming weeks including a radically updated client, campaign and ad tracking, and an often requested and highly anticipated Woopra iPhone application.

Thanks again for everyone's participation in the Woopra beta program. We really appreciate all of the support, patience, and feedback as we work to make Woopra complete.

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