One of the most requested features for a while has been the need for SSL support. It's especially important for clients running e-commerce sites who wish to track users through the site and all the way to transaction completion. Well, we've got some great news. Woopra now supports SSL encrypted sites!

There is one important caveat to get SSL tracking to work. You must update your Woopra tracking code to the latest version which can be found on your Member's Area page.

Since SSL has now been enabled, I would like to remind developers that it's possible to take advantage of our open API to pass real-time information to the Woopra client while tracking users in the Live view. For Example, the e-commerce engine could be made to output variables to Woopra using a very simple format such as:

<script type="text/javascript">

var woopra_visitor = new Array();
woopra_visitor['name'] = 'John Smith';
woopra_visitor['email'] = '';

var woopra_event = new Array();
woopra_event['sale'] = 'Baby Buggy - $129.99';


We need a few people to give it a try and give us some feedback, so if you've got SSL on a site and have been waiting to give Woopra a shot at it, now is the time!

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