Demonstrating recently at WordCamp Las Vegas, I was asked a great question:

What benefit can I really get from live, real-time stats?

While it is cool to see the activity on your website live and in real time, what good is it? After all, isn't it more important to look at the trends and aggregate numbers to get a real sense of what is happening on your site? Of what is working and what isn't? Isn't that more important?

I'm working on an article for the blog about the benefits of real-time stats and I need your input.

Do you like the live perspective of your traffic because it's fun? Because it shows you what is happening right now? Or because it gives you insights into your blog's traffic and activities? Because it gives you the ability to respond to actionable events? What events? What triggers a response?

How do you use the real-time live features of Woopra?

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