Recently, some Woopra Members may have noticed the following when logging into :

Message from Woopra maintenance team:
Servers are down for maintenance, you may want to retry connecting later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is a good sign. It means Woopra is under construction, and preparing for the next exciting release of Woopra.

The Woopra development team has been working overtime to update Woopra's infrastructure and servers, as many have noticed. We're adding notifications and alerts to warn you of server maintenance and other issues as we move towards the release of the next version of Woopra. Some will impact all members, but most will only affect a few users at a time.

As John Pozadzides mentioned in his recent "State of the Union" address for Woopra, Woopra is now seeing more than 50 million page views a day across more than 50,000 sites, gathering over 1,000,000,000 pieces of raw statistical data every day. We've increased the hosting architecture by 300%. Jad Younan has developed some fascinating and unique server code to streamline and improve the efficiency and speed of Woopra, which many have reported.

With input and feedback from our 60,000 beta testers on the Woopra Forums, Elie Khoury and the Woopra development team has rewritten the underlying code for the Woopra desktop client and the Woopra Members Area.

Some feature improvements include:

  • Improvements in the Menu area interface for easier navigation and access.
  • Improvements in the visual indicators for Event Notification and other alerts.
  • Ability to disconnect from sites that don't require consistent monitoring.
  • Improvements in the Woopra Live Chat for customizations.
  • A new Webmaster Tools tab to track Google and Alexa rankings.
  • Live visitor views with mini maps and original referrer links preserved.
  • The Woopra API will be released soon opening the door to Woopra Plugins and third party apps.

We are committed to providing the basic version of Woopra for free. We will soon be implementing various paid versions of Woopra for extended features, multiple site coverage, high traffic sites, etc., and will have news on that soon.

We'll alert you on the blog, which is visible within your Woopra desktop client, and via Woopra Twitter, Woopra Members Twitter, and other social media venues.

We're making big changes to every part of Woopra, so expect some short downtimes and changes over the next few weeks as we move towards the next release. Keep us informed on how Woopra is working for you, and keep your feedback coming. With your help, Woopra is becoming the hottest live web analytics program on the web.

I will be at WordCamp Denver this weekend, February 28, 2009, so stop by the WordCast Podcast and Woopra table and tell us how you are using Woopra on your site.

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