Is something happening with Woopra? Having trouble connecting? We've just started a new service that will help keep you up-to-date with the server and service status of called the Woopra Service Status.

In the footer of every page on our site you can click the link to check out the status of Woopra service. You can also track it by following @wooprastatus on Twitter.

Announcements to the Woopra Status page and Twitter account is a combination of automation and manual announcements, keeping you informed if one or more servers are being worked on, updated, and alert you to upcoming changes. It won't update unless there is something to say, keeping you informed of the status.

We're following the @wooprastatus on the @woopra and @woopramembers Twitter accounts, so you can also track the status there. If there is a big announcement, we broadast it as usual across all the social networks we track and you follow.

As we move towards the next version of Woopra, we are working to make the server code better and faster, getting you the information you need into the newly revised Woopra desktop client and on site information through the Woopra WordPress Plugin and other services and platform Plugins and Add-ons. This means that one or more of the many Woopra servers may go offline for a few minutes to a few hours as we upgrade the code for the new version. Downtime may impact all or only a few Woopra members at any single time. Check the Woopra Service Status if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the statistics.

We're putting the final touches on the new version and starting massive inhouse testing. Very soon, the release candidate will be out for manual downloading and testing, and the beta testing version will follow soon after that.

We're eager for our 60,000 beta testers to dig in and report back on how Woopra is working, or not working, for them on all their different systems. So many beta programs restrict their testing to only a few dozen to hundred. We're proud of all the work our tens of thousands of testers have put into giving us the feedback to make Woopra even better, and you are about to see the results of all that input.

The next version of Woopra will really give you the information you have been requesting in a beautiful, streamlined manner, allowing you to drill down to the specific stats per page, visitor, and more. This will help track campaigns, sudden traffic spikes, and more.

Get excited. Woopra is getting better all the time!

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