Well it's been months in the making, but today we are pre-releasing the new Woopra 1.3 with Release Candidate 1 for serious testers. On behalf of the entire iFusion Labs team, I want to thank you all for your patience while we prepared this next major release of the Woopra client.

The new Woopra client incorporates so many bug fixes, feature requests and general improvements that it would be impossible to cover them all. But I'd like to run through several of the changes and allow you guys to discover the rest. In fact, we're planning on doing a follow up post which includes links to the overviews that you all create about the new release, so if you do one (especially a video walk through) drop a comment below and we'll include it in the next blog post.

If you are one of the brave ones who are willing to download and give this version a try, read on and you'll find the download links at the bottom of this post. Some users will need to manually uninstall the old version and then install the new one... but we think you'll agree, it's worth it!

If you would like to wait while the rest of the Woopra beta testers team puts the Release Candidate to the test, just keep using the previous version of Woopra. When the final release is ready, Woopra will automatically upgrade when you open the program. Simple and easy!

Now, on to the list!

  • 1. Basic Updates:

    • Over the past 4 months, the Woopra desktop application has been almost completely recoded with a whole new range of extensibility in mind. This new version incorporates the framework for plugins management in the future releases, so to all you developers out there, start thinking of new ways you can extend the Woopra feature set now - and let us know if you want to be among the first to help test the new framework.
    • One of the most requested features has been the ability to individually connect and disconnect websites in the desktop application, and Woopra now delivers!

      You no longer have to connect to all of your websites when logging in. Simply connect and disconnect when you want to see the data, and take control over auto-starting for each of your domains.

      This feature is useful for webmasters who have multiple websites added to their Woopra Accounts. Connecting to only one, or a few, site at a time will save bandwidth, memory and CPU resources on your local machine as well as helping conserve Woopra data center resources. It's the "Green" thing to do.

      The Woopra Login Manager

    • Woopra now auto-reconnects the websites if they get disconnected for any reason. In testing, we've found that laptops can now be put in standby, and when reopened Woopra will connect back up and keep delivering the stats! It's a huge time saver, and functions quite reliably.

    • Woopra has an updated look and feel which includes a new exclusive set of icons which work perfectly no matter which color theme you choose for a site (you do know you can customize the color scheme by selecting the tab at the top, don't you?).
    • Speaking of look and feel, an all new icon has been created to live in your task bar, so say hi to the new Woopra Spy mascot! We just love him, and we hope you do too.
    • If you are using Mac OS X, you now have the exclusive ability to see the number of online visitors in the dock icon (Dock Badge). Simply right click on the icon and you'll see the menu option to enable the live visitor count.

  • 2. Webmaster Tools:

    • Let's talk about functionality for a moment, shall we? We know that a lot of people enjoy keeping Woopra running in the background all day long while multi-tasking. And since we all share a common set of needs as Webmasters, we thought it would be useful to incorporate a set of tools into the application to help increase productivity.

      The new Webmaster Tools area should prove to be a huge timesaver for anyone who routinely needs to look up common Webmaster information. There will be a number of tools available, so if you have specific ideas please let us know (and provide a sample link if possible).

      The new Whois domain checker will quickly allow you to find out who the registrant (owner) of a domain is.

    • The Pagerank checker (Google Pagerank and Alexa) allows you to quickly gauge the popularity of a given Web property.

  • 3. Sidebar:

    • One of the major design changes for the new client is the all new sidebar. The sidebar replaces the old side "tabs" which switched between the Dashboard, Live and Analytics tabs. The new sidebar allows for much better organization, and handling of an ever expanding list of consecutive activities.

      The first thing you'll notice is the relocation of the main Live visitor counter and histogram. We found that this was a favorite feature in the previous version, but it required far too much screen real estate. So this function was placed in prime view at the top left of the screen where it can be easily monitored.

      Below the counter, you'll find the Menu, Reports, and Manage functions. And a few others will appear when they are in use, such as Chat and later... Plugins.

      The New Woopra Sidebar

  • 4. Dashboard View:

    • The Dashboard has received a complete overhaul, so it might take a little getting used to for those who were accustomed to the old view.

      The first thing you'll notice is that there are now 6 "panes" of information, where the old client had 5. And the hourly and daily visitor counts in the top left have been replaced by a graphical representation of recent site traffic, overlayed against historical average traffic.

      Hovering the mouse over any point will instantly display the visitor count for that point in time.

    • In the bottom right corner one of the most popular Woopra features, the live Map, has been incorporated directly onto the dashboard. It shows the current visitors to the website overlayed against a world map.

      This map is fully zoomable and movable by useing a mouse with a scroll wheel, and there are currently two different colors which appear on the map to represent visitors to the site. Orange visitors have just arrived and are viewing their first page. Blue visitors have seen more than one page.

      More graphical visitor differentiation is planned in the future, but for right now there is also a country overlay which can be hidden or displayed with a text count of visitors from each locale.

    • Perhaps the most exciting feature in the new 1.3 release is built right into the Dashboard. All new popup menus are now available with a simple right click on almost any piece of data which allows you to Analyze that variable in detail. A right click also allows for other functionality such as checking pagerank or whois information by passing the data directly to the Webmaster Tools area. (Another good reason to let us know what tools you would like to see added!)

  • 5. Live View:

    • The Live View tab, which shows the current visitors on a website, has undergone some changes as well.
    • The panels in the Live View are now resizable (using the Split Panes). Just hover your mouse over the divider between the panes and you can drag them to a new size.
    • A small Map was added to the visitor information on the far right to give a graphical representation of their location.

    • If you never used it before, there is a search field at the top of the pane, and it now filters all the live panels. So if you want to see only visitors using the Safari browser, for instance, just type Safari in the search panel. Make sure and clear the search when you're done by selecting the X on the right side of the search.
    • Major updates also come to the full screen Live Map! (Which can be accessed via the small arrow in the top right corner.) And one of the most highly requested features has been completed. Woopra will now run the Live map on a secondary monitor without obstructing the primary monitor!

      So you can have the dashboard running on monitor 1 and the live map on monitor 2 if you'd like. Or the live map on monitor 1, while you continue other work on monitor 2. You choose!

    • Additional bug fixes have improved functionality which was previously causing instability with heavy traffic websites.
  • 6. Search View:

    • The all important search function received only minor updates in this release, such as the fact that data now defaults to an expanded view, preloaded wit visitor actions.
  • 7. Calendar View:

    • The brand new Calendar view is a great new feature that shows you the visits and pageviews by day, day of week, weak of year and month!

      This all new view sums up the totals both down the column for days, and across the row for weeks, and also shows the monthly total in the top left corner. This view makes it very easy to spot trends over time, and allows Webmasters to view the critical monthly totals that help to determine trends over time.

  • 8. Analytics View:

    • Without a doubt, these new Segmentation Reports are one of the biggest additions to the Woopra service, and not only required a major overhaul of the desktop application, but also a re-architecting of the back end server and database functionality. A monumental amount of work went into delivering these reports, and this was probably the most requested feature lacking in version 1.2 and previous releases.

      The new segmentation reports can be accessed by using the new right-click "Analyze" functionality present on the Dashboard. When selected, this feature runs a live custom report and appears in a list under "Reports" in the sidebar. These reports will show ONLY the statistics associated with that one variable.

      For example, you can analyze a specific referrer URL, a specific page on your web site, or even a search engine keyword. We don't even know how all you guys are going to use this functionality, so please share feedback about how you utilize the information!

  • 9. Chat View:

    • For those of you who frequently use the built in Woopra chat functionality, you will notice that the chat sessions no longer appear in external windows. They are now embedded in the client and appear in a list in your sidebar. This makes managing multiple sessions much simpler, and each chat will show a live number to represent the number of unread messages in that session.

      A huge expansion of the chat capabilities is already ready for launch, and we'll be setting it live in the next couple of weeks or so.

  • 10. Notification Filters:

    • One very popular feature of Woopra is the ability to set custom notifications to let you know when certain actions occur on your site. For example, being notified when a known visitor reappears, or a certain page is viewed.

      But now, you can also be notified when a visitor commits a custom action. For example, you can be notified when someone submits a comment, or does a search on your WordPress blog, or even completes a transaction on your eCommerce site!

      We'll more fully document this new capability in a future blog post. (Unless one of you cares to explore this new function and document it for us! If so, please let us know in the comments.)

  • 11. Exclude Visitors:

    • One more long awaited feature is the ability to exclude certain pages and visitors by ID, Name or IP from being tracked in Woopra. This is one of the most requested features, and it's now available as an option under the Manage area in the Sidebar.

      Simply choose the Exclude Visits link in the sidebar and enter the data you would like to exclude. The application will allow for as many filters as you wish.

So, that's a pretty good overview of what is in store with this new release!

If you're ready to experience the new version, here are the download links. Please be sure to give us feedback and suggestions, and check Things You Need to Know About Woopra Release Candidate for the latest update in known issues and concerns, as well as features we need feedback on.

SPECIAL NOTE!: Mac users should first uninstall Woopra 1.2 manually! If you are seeing problems with the application not launching please read this thread on the Forums.

Please let us know how you like it!

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