As reported in John Pozadzides' Woopra State of the Union Address for March 2009, we're busy working on the release candidate followup for Woopra 1.3 RC1, gathering all the feedback and input from the Woopra Forums. We've also got something exciting coming up for Woopra Members this weekend.

If all goes well, we're going to be releasing the Web-based Woopra Analytics version, described by John:

In addition to the new desktop application, Jad has been hard at work preparing a brand new Web analytics version which will initially be available via the Member’s area where your Web sites are listed. This version is great for those times you cannot get to your desktop version, but it will also be making it’s way into the WordPress and other plugins so it can be embedded in your own site. Oh, did I mention the new Web stats will be live and incorporate all sorts of new features plus one HUGE surprise! Stay tuned…

We'll announce the grand opening late this weekend for this new web-based analytics feature on , the Woopra Forums, and social media services and networks. If you aren't following the new @wooprastatus Twitter service, start. It is automated and manually updated with the status of Woopra, from program and web features to servers.

Once announced, you will be able to access the new web analytics feature through the Members area via a link for View Stats under the Analytics column.

Woopra Web Analytics View Stats new feature panel

We're working hard on redoing the Woopra Live Chat feature, giving you more customization options and ways to interact with your visitors, reducing the "scare" factor so many of you delight in. For those using the new Woopra 1.3 RC, this is why the Live Chat isn't working.

We'll also be approving more than 5,000 patiently waiting registrations. These will be in random batches over the next week. Spread the word if you would like to get your friends helping us test drive Woopra so they can share in your wooping joy.

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