This is a video introduction to the new Woopra 1.3 RC1. It is still in development and may change over the next few weeks before the final Woopra 1.3 beta is released, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the new features and the new redesign of Woopra.

Remember, Woopra 1.3 RC1 is not for the weak of heart. It is still undergoing a lot of testing, but the reports in the Forums and from the first reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

We're working on incorporating captions into the video. Until then, the transcript of the live presentation of Woopra 1.3 RC1 is below.

Transcript of Video

Hi, this is Lorelle VanFossen from Woopra at with the first look at the Woopra 1.3 release candidate version 1 [Woopra 1.3 RC1]. This is the first of a couple of release candidates that were going to be doing before we do the full version of Woopra 1.3. I wanted to give you a few quick looks at the new features.

Right away as soon as you log into the new version of Woopra you will see that the interface has definitely changed. We no longer have the ads right there. We're going to be doing some different things there with ads.

Woopra Webmaster Tools

We also have this new thing right here. We have the Woopra news and then you have Webmaster tools. We've been doing some research on what it is that you webmasters and bloggers want, and some really popular ones are WHOIS, Lookup, and page rank information. You can type in URLs of something you want to look up for the WHOSIS and quickly look it up. If it's public, the information would be in there.

You can also check out different page rank information. Just type the URL in and then hit look up and it will give you the most current information is available from Alexa and Google PageRank. We will be adding more features to this very soon. You can also copy this information to the clipboard down here.

Woopra Login Panel

You'll notice that this login area over here has also changed. We have live numbers. These numbers will change as you're watching. And we have the chart to let you know what's going on in the pages and the visits listed here.

What's different as you will see this Connect and Disconnect here. So when you click it will disconnect from that site. Now, this is really handy because you may not want every single site up there. You want to just see what's most important you. You notice when I disconnected a site, I had four tabs up here now. One of those is gone. So I can minimize my focus on what you really want to keep track.

We also have this Auto Connect feature so you can set it to automatically connect to a site, or not, and choose what you want to look at. If you want is not very active you don't need to look at it on a daily basis why bother. So, this'll just ease a little bit of the server usage also the bandwidth, also the bandwidth as things are pulling in, even though Woopra is really lightweight. It just helps you get the information that you want to narrow down so you can stay focused.

If you have a long list of sites, you can now type in whatever site you're looking for and it will just shrink it right down to which one you want.

Now, let's get into some of the meat and the fun.

Woopra Site Tabs

Here we are looking at the new interface of Woopra. I'll show you really quick something the from the old version that you may not know about that you should.

Cycle through the different sites you notice is a little bit of a color shift was much between these two. They only difference other than a quick look here - I want to see that there's a visual difference between these two that I can right at a glance that I'm looking at something different. So I can pull down here and I can check a different color and makes us look different from the other ones.

We have a whole wide selection of colors so you can colorize this. We will be adding more customization features so that you can make your Woopra panels however you want to, but for right now you can at least pick the color and have it be anything you want. Click it again and it's gone.

You can also change the name of the site. This is I want to change to Cali and Neal. You can name it whatever you want so that you can quickly spot which tab you want to pay attention to.

So there are some fun things you can do here.

The Woopra Dashboard Panel

So back here on one of our test sites here is One Man's Blog. Let's take a look at some the changes and the new features that are in Woopra 1.3.

We've moved the big chart that we had the graphs up at the top. We've put that down a little box down here that gives you the all-time visits, today's visits and today's page views with this live number right in here. We now have the charts here. This is today's chart with this past week. The blue is the visits, and this lovely golden color is pageviews. So you can still quickly eyeball that information really fast through here.

We have My Pages, the most popular pages of all time are sitting there, so you know where your most traffic sites are. My Referrers - we have the top referrers where traffic is coming from, and we have a chart showing you where they're coming from. All kinds different information.

In My Searches, where the searches are happening right now.

And this really popular Keyword - as you watch here you watch you'll see these start to glow a little bit with a ring around them that tells you they are actively being searched right now, just like that.

When you hover over any of these, they will give you a count of how many times though that word has been searched for. Then we have the geography where people are visiting from right now. Where's all the people at. You can add an overlay here to see what your stats are for the countries. Then you can get rid of it really quickly. Really nice.

The Live Panel

The Live tab now has this number sitting here to show you how many people are live on your site right now. We have this great live map that you can expand it, see it on a full page view, or look at it here in the miniature. You can resize it right within here with a scroll. So you can scroll right in and see where people are visiting from right now, and as they land on the site.

We have the list over here of all the live actions happening right now, and we have the visitors coming in live here, and other information across here.

Now you notice that we've added a new ability to have you re-size the windows. You can resize all kinds of things on here.

We've added right-click menus and some resizing capability so you can see more and control what you want to look at on the page. That is very exciting.

Visitor Details: Tagging, Gravatars, and Filtering Live Information

You can instantly filter down to see what a specific visitor is doing. So let's look through here on the list. Here's somebody who's visited 22 pages. Scrolling around on the site, looking at some interesting things, You can get a summary.

Now, on this visitor detail information you see here, we have improved the graphics. We have the flag. We have the browser, the operating system, basic information. We now have this new map that shows you where people are in the world. Up here is the filter, so you can actually type in the different filter number or whatever in here. We can clear it. Come back here, and scroll down here and look at all these maps here of where people are visiting from just with this eyeball view of the maps. Here's somebody over here. It's such a nice feature that we just added.

Here is the much appreciated by many people feature: Start a Conversation.

So if you click here that will start a conversation on that site. We're working on that right now to make a lot of improvements for it. It is working and not working for some people, but you wait. When it starts working we'll have some customization features and other things.

You can still tag the visitor and track them that way, too. So there is a lot of information. We've added the original referrer from the first-time visit down at the bottom, and all kinds of other information to help you track what your visitors are doing.

Now if, as on the Woopra site, you have people who are logged in - if they have Gravatars enabled, especially if you are using the Woopra WordPress Plugin, you should be able to see their Gravatars. We seem to have some people who don't have Gravatars. Shame, shame, shame. So you would be out of see their face if they had Gravatars enabled.

So back here on One Man's Blog, we have at this list we filtered down to just the one person that we want to track. We want just to hold that information. If we don't, then this information shifts and changes as you're watching, and it will dance around.

Here's somebody from Australia coming in. And here's a couple of people form the United States coming in, just as we are watching.

Woopra Search Statistics

We have a search capability. We made some improvements in that. We have some searches either you've saved or we have some default searches that are in there. You can create your own search through the filters. Put in whatever you want to search for people that are speaking English. We're going to save it. We're going to give it a name, so I'm going to call it English.

So now it's saved and it's up here in our list. Now, we want to choose that drop down from the filters, let's do a search quickly for people that are speaking English and have English set in their browser. It narrows it down. So you can quickly look through all kinds of information, get summary information by hovering over it.

Woopra's New Statistics Calendar

We have a new feature called the calendar.

The calendar gives a summary of each day's traffic, the visits, and the page views, and it keeps some of the historical information. So you can actually go through and check what was happening on a specific day. We're going to be adding a lot more features to this.

This gives a day, so this a Saturday summary, Friday, Thursday - these are the totals here [top]. This is week by week over here [left]. So you can actually track this information and see really quickly what's going on with your visits. We have a lot of new features coming with this new calendar.

Woopra Analytics

We have the analytics which is probably the most popular part of Woopra, where you can actually drill down to these different areas to find out where your traffic is coming from.

We have charts and graphs - all kinds of information that's on here [on Analytics panel].

So here's Search Engine Traffic. This is for the Overview you can look at all for Referrers, we have Visitor Overview. We have Geo Overlay. There's some people [in the panel live]. And different countries. All kinds of different information from system information to all kinds of referrer information, searches, a whole variety.

You can change the search range with this drop down menu that will reload and give the information. This is for one week.

Then you can actually drill down and see which search engines are sending you traffic. Google Canada bringing in some traffic. Feed readers, where are your people coming from, which feed readers are they using the most. And if you are doing an e-mail campaign, people are sending out e-mails - where are people linking to.

All kinds of information and analytics.

Woopra Segmentation Feature

Now one of the things that we are very excited about is we are introducing segmentation in greater depth.

You can right-click on one of the pages - now we know this is a slight bug in Windows Vista, so in other operating systems and browsers you can see this - this is Analyze. It will add a report down here, which if we expand it you can see it - and that it will give you an overview for that page on the information what's going on for the last seven days. It will give you quick summary.

So you have the information of how many new visitors to that page, the percentage, the time spent on the page, the visits, the page views, a chart up above. We will be doing a lot more of this segmentation to help you understand what is going on your site, to give you the information that you need. You can break through that single page. You can look at the search engine traffic, how many people are coming to that page through their feed readers, just that page. This "Amusing Little Helicopter Game" article - social bookmarks...What's the traffic, what's the activity around that page, just restricted to that page.

You can get rid of this [report]. You can leave it up. You can check on a regular basis. It is all initiated from the Page List [on Dashboard] and we will be adding this ability to click on many of these things and create a page to give you that page's history with visitor history and stuff in the future. Really exciting new addition.

Event Notification

We also continue to have a great deal of success with our Event Notification. Will be making some improvements in that soon. And that is still popular. You can track somebody coming from a specific site or at someone's landing on a specific page - all kinds of fun ways to use that.

We have the map that allows you to customize that information.

New Exclude Visitors

And this new feature here called Exclude Visitors. You can now exclude visitors from your stats by name, by visitor ID, through URL, though the Visitor IP, so their information will no longer appear in your stats.

You can add it in, and exclude them. And when you're done and you want to put them back in you just hit delete, and they're gone.

So that's a new feature in here.

Summary of New Woopra Features

This has been a quick summary of the new Woopra 1.3, the release candidate version 1. We'll be making a few minor changes over the next few weeks.

So again, some of the quick changes are on the Home panel we've got the new Webmaster tools, the new Disconnect, and Connect options. We have the new Dashboard, the new Analytics drilling down by page, Exclude Visits, and this very exciting new Calendar.

Stay tuned for some new improvements, new features and all kinds of exciting news about Woopra at

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