Woop! About two weeks ago we announced that was opening registration approvals as part of the release of the Woopra 1.3 RC1 Desktop Application for testing, permitting 5,000 users to join the Woopra beta testing phase.

As of today, we've approved over 7,000 Woopra members.

We'll be closing the approval process soon to concentrate on the development of Woopra 1.3, so sign up for Woopra now for a random chance to be approved so you can test Woopra for yourself for free, and give us the feedback we need to make Woopra even better.

Woopra 1.2 is the latest stable version of Woopra, and you can continue with that. When Woopra 1.3 comes out of testing, Woopra will automatically update to the newest version. You can preview the new features in the Video Introduction of Woopra 1.3 RC1. Many have started reviewing the latest version of Woopra, so you can read what others are saying about the new version.

We've put a lot of work into the next version of Woopra as we move closer to moving out of beta.

In addition to the Release Candidate, we've also released the new Woopra Web Analytics, bringing Woopra members the ability to view their real time stats via the Members Area > View Stats with a Google Maps live view of visitors to the site, stats overview, and some basic Analytics.

We've updated the to include more options for installing Woopra on a variety of website and blog platforms and systems.

Woopra Web Analytics Web App - Google Maps featureWe've also created the new Woopra Service Status features to help you monitor the status of Woopra development, servers, connections, and maintenance times. You can check online at Woopra Status or via Twitter at @wooprastatus or via the Twitter feed. You can also keep up with all kinds of Woopra activity and news on the @woopra Twitter account.

The are buzzing with feedback and solutions, so check in there and report in on how Woopra is working for you. Be sure and be very specific with which version of Woopra you are using. See How to Help and How to Help Woopra and Woopra Members on the Forums for tips on how to help us help you.

We're working on documentation, screencasts, the Woopra API, and a lot of great stuff to look forward to. Thank you so much for helping us improve Woopra during this development phase.

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