Vladimir Prelovac, author of the WordPress Plugin Development Beginner’s Guide, recently reported he had a near perfect analytics day.

Perfect analytics with all three sources of traffic being equal.

What's so great about it?

The traffic sources are equally spread.

In the chart on his site, it shows traffic sources as 34% direct, 30% referrers, and 35% search engines. He says:

...by distributing the traffic among referral sites (which means you make good content that people link to), and investing in the user experience (again you make good content so they will come back) you have secured your site against virtually all Internet turmoil - which is the way to run in it the long run.

For some people, they would not look at the breakdown of stats this way. For some, a perfect analytics or stats day would be a giant jump in traffic. For others, it's a fast and consistent growth upward. Still some want more referrals than search engines, and others are pleased with a ton of search engine traffic and don't care about direct or referral traffic.

What would define your near or totally perfect analytics or stats day? What analytics do you depend upon to give you a day-by-day accounting of where you are with your site and business online?

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