Thanks again to everyone who has been testing the new Woopra 1.3 release candidate, and we appreciate all of the feedback. Today we're releasing the second, and final release candidate before the forced mass upgrade from the 1.2 release.

This new release candidate is a highly recommended update for everyone running 1.3 RC1, and it's also much more stable than the 1.2 release so if you've been having any problems on 1.2 you may wish to download and manually install this update.

Woopra Light Theme

New Features:

New Features

  • This release adds a new theme editor which adds the ability to create your own themes
  • In addition to the ability to create themes, we've added a new Woopra Light Theme
  • The final 1.3 release will include the ability to share themes with the community, so get your themes ready for sharing!
  • A new Quick Stats feature resides at the top, and this functionality will be expanded prior to the final release.


  • A number of User Interface enhancements have been incorporated
  • The code has been optimized to drastically decrease CPU consumption

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Mac version launching process
  • Fixed a bug while renaming Websites
  • Fixed a bug while syncing Website properties
  • Fixed a few memory leaks
  • Fixed a bug in the login process
  • Fixed segmentation reports bug
  • Fixed a timezone related issue for some components
  • Fixed a few bugs in the live map
  • And over 40 other minor bugs...

This version is very stable compared to 1.2, and is a recommended update. We didn't force update because we will do that with 1.3 next month when we'll be introducing some major changes.

Feel free to download your version, and we look forward to your feedback as always:

Stay tuned!

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