We've completely revamped the Woopra Members area of our website, a first step in helping you get to the information you need to help setup and manage Woopra.

In the video below, I've highlighted most of the new features of the new Woopra Member area.

To access the new Members area on our site to see the changes and make modifications, sign in and go to the Woopra Members page to see a listing of the registered and shared sites you are tracking under My Websites. Click Edit on the site you wish to make changes.

From within the new Settings Page, you can switch between sites in the drop down site menu in the upper right corner of the panel, making it easy to move through the various site options.

There is a different Settings menu for registered sites and shared sites. The video shows you the difference if you do not have any shared sites. The shared sites options are limited as to what the shared user can change.

We're eager for your feedback and input on the new Settings page and have a forum post already started which lists some known issues. We'll be adding more features to these pages soon.

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The Installation area will contain the information you need to know to install and set up Woopra. Currently, it includes the Woopra JavaScript, with two versions, the https and http version.

Use the https version if you have secure logins, registered users, ecommerce, and sales on your site with secure logins.

Use the http version if you do not have security or ecommerce issues and just HTTP content on your site.

If you are having an issue with the http version, try the https version instead.

On this page, we've added links to the , Download, and information on Plugins and other third-party tools for installing Woopra.


Currently, under the General menu option, it includes:

  • Time Zone: for setting the time zone for your site.
  • Dynamic Pages: For adding URL query parameters to Woopra tracking.
  • API Key: If you need an API key for a third-party app or plugin and the ability to change it.


The Chat Settings allow you to set your name, title, chat color, and avatar for the popup Woopra Live Chat browser window.

You can add many avatars and quickly change them. We currently allow you to upload avatars from your computer, up to 4MB.

If you change site settings from the drop down menu on the top right, you will be able to change the chat settings for each site monitored by Woopra. You can choose the same avatar and colors for all, or make each one distinctive.


Woopra has been testing Email Reports, giving you control over which data you would like to have emailed to you directly.

This area is currently under development and will be updated and active again soon.


Woopra offers the Woopra Shared Access under Manage Sharing, giving you the ability to share your Woopra stats with other Woopra Members.

To use this, enter the registration email of the Woopra Member you wish to share your site's stats with and click Share Website. All sites shared with others will appear on the list below.


We offer the following options under Miscellaneous.

  1. Rename Host: If you change your domain name for your website, you can change it here by adding the new domain name for your site and entering the password, and clicking Rename Website. Woopra will stop following the old site and follow the new one.
  2. Reset Stats: If you need to start over and wipe the slate clean of stats in Woopra, this is where you reset your historical stats. Once done, it cannot be undone.
  3. Delete Website: If you wish to remove a site from Woopra so Woopra will no longer track it, you can delete the site from our database here. Take care. It cannot be undone.

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