Folks, let me just take a moment to show you what I love so much about Woopra...

For those of you who don't know, I have a little blog over at I also happen to have a little post entitled, "Bubble Shooter – The Most Addicting Game of All Time".

Now I originally created that title because to me, that game was really addictive! But was it really the most addicting game of all time? I had no idea. And frankly, using pretty much any other Web analytics I still wouldn't know!

I mean, sure Google will tell me that the page gets a lot of traffic. That's nice.


Of course it won't be as informative or beautiful as Woopra...


But what good does that really do me? I mean, the real magic comes from understanding the individual user experience. And that is the information that Woopra delivers! I mean, with Woopra I can actually see the people returning, both in real time and historically, and it offers me proof that indeed Bubble Shooter IS the most additive game on Earth!


I mean just look at that rich user data: 152 visits and 335 hours spent on the site! But wait... there's more! We're only one click away from looking up the user's history.


And man, is that revealing. This person is actually coming from a different IP address on basically every visit, almost the same time every day, the same screen resolution, and the IP is often tracked back to New York.

Oh, and lest anyone doubt that the game is really that addictive, at the same time this guy is playing it, here is another:


And I can get all the same history and details about that one, and every other visitor too if I please.

But this post is not really about playing games. It's about harvesting actionable information from your statistics. We can learn so much from paying attention to the trends and details, and this information will help us improve our user's experience. So keep an eye on the individuals, because the devil is in the detail.

Oh, and if you've got a story about something specific that you focus on related to Woopra please let us know so we can showcase your stories for others to learn from as well.

Cheers! - johnpoz

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