john-p-avatarI'd like to tell everyone a story tonight. I hope you will all indulge an old man, and perhaps I can take your minds off whatever you are doing and amuse you for a little while.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the CEO here at iFusion Labs. What that counts for is really not much, because we all treat one another as equals. Truly. It really only means that on very rare occasions I'm called upon to be the tie-breaker, and maybe once I might have made a critical decision that went against the recommendation of the team. But one of the things I do have, and I suppose the reason that I am the CEO, is experience.

I had a fruitful career before starting Woopra with my partners Elie and Jad, and in that time I held fairly significant posts with large numbers of managers and staff at my command. Over the last decade I've worked with many hundreds of people, so what I'm about to tell you is significant. The team we have assembled here is one of the finest I've ever worked with in my life. I'm proud to be part of it, and I can't imagine anything I'd rather be doing, or any people I'd rather be working with.

This is the part where I brag about the folks we have working in the background on Woopra...

Good Lord! They're Still Awake?

Literally, as I start writing this blog post, at 10:30pm on a Wednesday night, Elie Khoury and Jad Younan are up writing code and solving problems. And they are in Lebanon, where it's 6:30am - and they haven't gone to sleep yet! Meanwhile, Terry Green, who runs all of our sales efforts, is also up working on the east coast where it's 11:30pm. And that is after a hard days work at his other job where he is also a Director of Sales with a ton of responsibility.

Meanwhile still, Lorelle VanFossen is over on the West Coast plugging away manning the blog, the forums, and the social media activities for Woopra. And if that is not enough, our COO, Vi, is answering customer service emails and taking care of many of your problems while also paying the bills and keeping all sorts of paperwork in line for the rest of us.

In fact, I think only Haytham Khouja, our network wizard, is asleep at this moment. And who can blame him? He's got a full time job too!

But it's not just that your Woopra team is completely committed to serving our customers and building a bigger and better service that amazes me. It's also the sheer, raw talent represented by this team.

Jad Younan

They have no idea that I'm writing this post right now, but I'm currently chatting with Jad about ways he is architecting Woopra's back end infrastructure to scale to 1 million users and beyond. I can't even begin to explain how many technical mountains Jad has hurdled as we learn to continue pushing the performance of Woopra beyond anything most people will ever dream of.

For example, the fact that our system currently takes in about 500 million pieces of information daily is already mind boggling to me. But what no one knows is that Woopra runs across a large network of highly specialized servers that are organized into clouds. The work load is distributed between these clouds for both performance and redundancy. And Jad has personally written much of the code that makes all of this work! And the code he didn't write, he still knows how to manage and integrate. I don't use the term lightly... Genius.

Elie Khoury

Meanwhile, back at the castle... I'm also chatting with Elie (Twitter) about our brand new back end interface that he is building so that our team can efficiently manage our customer interactions. He's almost finished single handedly building an entire billing system, complete with credit card integration, monthly recurring billing, beautiful invoices, and much, much more.

But he's not done yet. He's updating the Member's Area of our web site to give clients and staff all kinds of new and automated features and functionality. Soon, we will all be able to move sites from one member to another, instantly increase pageviews and switch between plans, and more! Oh, did I mention that he's doing all of this on top of that magnificent Woopra application that we all know and love?

Lorelle VanFossen

Meanwhile, we've got Lorelle almost single handedly managing the Woopra community. She's everywhere. Taking care of the forums, bringing us blog articles, going to events, responding to Tweets. If this was like "Where's Waldo" Lorelle would be much too easy to find! Of course she does all of this while also managing to be one of the world's leading authorities on blogging in general and WordPress in specific. Genius.

Haytham Khouja

Haytham is always working the background on the infrastructure that powers several of our systems. His expertise at setting up and running servers, load balancers, and all manner of other things keeps us going smoothly. And as I said before, he does this stuff while he's holding down another full time job!

Terry Green

And Terry... well, Terry is solely responsible for ensuring that all of the Woopra clients with special "high volume" needs are well taken care of. You guys know who you are, and I know that you appreciate Terry's professionalism and courtesy as much as I do. But what the rest of you don't know is that Terry spent weeks doing competitive research and performing complex analysis to establish the packages and pricing plans for the new services that Woopra will soon be rolling out. He's the man behind our entire go to market strategy. And he constantly reminds me what a genius he is! ;-)

Sorry that this is the longest post I've ever written, and I'm impressed if any of you actually bothered to read this far, but I just couldn't contain my enthusiasm any longer and it was important to me to share a little bit about our team with the rest of you. I'm sure you appreciate their efforts as much as I do, and I would remind you to let them know when you get a chance... and equally as importantly, how about letting the people YOU work with know how much you appreciate them today as well!

Cheers! - John P. (Twitter / Facebook)

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