Analytics reports offers a variety of data breakdowns, especially when it comes to referrer traffic. It's critical you know where your traffic is coming from so you can direct your energies in new directions, or away from those that don't work.

Many websites and blogs offer email announcements, alerts, notifications of new content, blog posts by email, and newsletter, but few analytics programs give a clear breakdown of the immediacy of the response to those emails.

In a recent email campaign, we tested the response with Woopra's Live Map.

Tracking Email Response with Woopra Live Map feature

The Woopra Live Map is viewed in two ways, from within the Live Panel and expanded via the arrow in the upper right corner to a full screen view. The radar rings show real-time visitor activity, as well as the name of the web page they've landed on, and the referrer. By hovering the mouse over the dots, the location of the visitor is shown. If there is more than one visitor from a location, the mouse hover shows the number of visitors in parentheses.

Within in both views, you can click and drag to move the map, and scroll in and out on your mouse to zoom in or out for a closeup perspective on the Woopra Live Map. Watching the map live, you can also tell when one region is waking up and the other is going to sleep as the traffic shifts globally with the time zones.

Putting the Power of Real-Time Into Tracking Email Responses

Once the email went out, we watched the response on the Live Map then followed it's historical data through the Woopra's Analytics panel on Email Referrers. This gave us some insights into the traffic boost from emails as well as which email domains did traffic come from and how that compared to our email list.

We'd set an event notification in Woopra to announce when traffic arrived on the web pages listed in the email. We were watching, but it helped to have that visual and audible notification to insist we check the action on the live map if we turned away for a moment.

Within a few minutes of the email delivery, we noticed a boost to the 404 Page Not Found web page. The test email had a misspelling in one of its links. Instead of sending out a corrected email, we choose to create a page with that URL with a redirect to the right one. This was done within minutes, allowing us to move people to the right page without spamming their email inboxes again.

We could also follow their path through the site in real-time, watching which articles and pages attracted their attention beyond the ones in the email. As specific pages grew in popularity, we were able to check the page content to ensure they still said the right things and provided the information visitors needed, or point them in a direction for more information from that page. We could adjust content fast in response to interest and enthusiasm.

We also monitored comments on the blog, updating the content in the posts based upon questions and input, responding faster as we were more in tune with their needs by watching the visitors live from within Woopra. Knowing that most left that page to another article told us that while this was good, maybe we were missing a critical piece of information in the first page. Debate raged among our team as we worked to analyze the live data and take fast response actions.

The email campaign proved Woopra's ability to respond immediately to inaccuracies, a common problem with emails, and to the needs of the visitor responding to the email. We could work fast to customize content to help the visitor, based on the navigation path as well as the feedback.

The Woopra Analytics Referrers panel for Email lists the referring site/service, the number of visits, the number of visitors, and the number of pageviews from those visitors across the time period of the email test. This gave us a deeper insight into the data left behind by our email response visitors for use in future email campaigns.

Woopra Email Referrers Panel for tracking email traffic

Have you used Woopra to track email responses to your website or blog? What have you learned? We're working to improve email tracking, so what do you need when it comes to tracking the response to email campaigns and activities?

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