@pratofundo tweeted that he runs four web analytics and stats programs on his site, including . While we understand that many of you want to run only Woopra, many people are using multiple analytics and web stats programs on their site for a variety of reasons.

Some like to compare their stats, checking how Google Analytics compares to Woopra's numbers, or Sitemeter to Clicky. Different services track different information and data, and not all collect the same stats in the same way. They also offer the data in various formats and reports, giving the user different ways of looking at the same or similar data.

What I find interesting is how people compare Woopra to other stats programs and expect the numbers to be a perfect match. Each stats and analytics program tracks visitors and site activities differently. Woopra tracks individuals, not bots, while other analytics programs track bots and other server activities. Woopra is live, real-time data, so the numbers from a service like Google Analytics won't add up because it picks a moment in time with hours between updates and Woopra is data now.

Woopra is just introducing our Custom Reports and Analytics features. Google Analytics, Omniture, Visistat, WebTrends, and others have been around for a long time and have a wide range of data analysis reports. We're working towards offering a wide range of totally customizable reports to accompany traditional analytics, but in the meantime, it's helpful to compare data across a variety of stats programs to give you a good data comparison.

We respect people who use multiple resources, but we would love to know how many you use and why?

What information do you want and need that one stats and analytics package gives you that another doesn't? What information are you not getting? And how many does it take to turn on your light bulb - to help you figure out what your customers or readers need and why?

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