One of the cool features of Woopra that was never documented is the KML server. Your Woopra on the desktop can serve KML files over http.

We are using the port 9565 (WKML) to serve KML over http. All you have to do is to use the following url:


Let's go over the setup step by step:

  1. Download and install Google Earth
  2. Launch the Woopra Application, login to your account and connect to your desired Website
  3. Launch Google Earth
  4. Once connected to your desired website, Add a Network Link on Google Earth:

    Add a Network Link

  5. Enter a name for your Place and the KML Link. Usually, the host is always localhost since the Woopra Desktop is on the same machine, but you can request the KMLs from a different machine on your network. Replace with your connected website:

    Network Link Details

  6. Now, go the Refresh tab, and change the Time-Based Refresh value. One of the downsides of this feature is that it pulls information periodically from the Woopra App instead of getting pushed. In this configuration, I'm pulling updates every 5 seconds:

    Refresh Settings

  7. Press Okay and we're done! You should see the following Item under Places:

    My blog on Woopra under Places

Here's what you should see on Google Earth:


If you want to know more about similar Woopra updates, follow me on Twitter or . Let us know if you like this feature and how you use it!

Stay tuned!
Elie Khoury

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