Well, the day has finally come. It simultaneously feels like its been both forever, and just yesterday, since we started developing Woopra. Today, I'm happy to announce the beginning of Woopra General Availability!

Let's talk a little about what that means.

  • It doesn't mean that we're perfect, but it does mean that we are not going to hide behind a Beta badge forever like some services seem to want to do. The team behind Woopra passionately believes that we have the world's finest Web analytics platform, and we will continue building upon it every day until we run out of ideas. And that ain't happening any time soon!
  • You can now add an additional Website at any time you wish without ever having to wait for approval again. Subscription plans are available starting at under $5 per month (less than a visit to Starbucks!), with Free plans to be made available via invitations that will come from you, our users, as soon as that system is completed.
  • Sites with over 30,000 pageviews per month will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans in order to continue monitoring all of your stats; however, we have the most aggressive pricing plans in the industry! Feature for feature no one even comes close to the value that Woopra provides! And on top of that, you will have our deepest gratitude for helping to financially support our systems and development progress.

Let me just pop in here with a short video introduction to how our new billing system works. I believe you are going to find it to be one of the simplest systems you've ever used, as its about a 2 minute process to add or upgrade a website to any Woopra plan. Special thanks to Cali and Neal from GeekBrief.TV for their help with this video! You might want to maximize the video to full screen so you can see the screen shot details. Just select the little four arrows icon in the bottom right corner...

(PS - Do you remember when Geekbrief originally featured Woopra? We do!)

For those of you who participated in the discussion after my September State of the Union address a couple of weeks ago, thank you so much for your feedback! I read every single comment (and responded to many) because your feedback is always important to us. There were several take-aways from that conversation which I heard and acted upon:
  1. Pricing: The general consensus seems to be that most everyone is satisfied with our pricing tiers and the feature bundles. There was commentary suggesting that we break the bundles into a-la-carte pricing, and also that we keep the bundles together. We are opting to keep the bundles together, because breaking the packages will drive up individual feature pricing, and stifle future feature development. I'd rather worry about simply adding features than try and figure how how to nickel and dime our clients.
  2. SSL Support: There was quite a bit of passion from many users surrounding the topic of SSL support in the lower end packages. Whereas our starting pricepoint on packages including SSL was previously $29.95, I scrapped that plan altogether and we will make SSL available to all paying clients regardless of price point. So, you asked for it - you got it!
  3. Data Storage: Several people expressed concern about the length of data storage in the various plans. We have decided to up the storage period significantly on most of the plans, and we will work to offer add-ons or some other reasonable offering before we begin discarding old data. Look for more on this subject down the road a bit.
  4. Pageviews: Some of you made appeals for increasing the number of pageviews associated with each package. Although this is different than arguing for lower pricing tiers, it is still functionally equivalent to asking for lower prices. This is one area where we simply don't have a lot of room. Especially after bringing SSL down into even the lowest pricing tiers and increasing retention for the higher tiers. However, you will notice that we have increased the number of pageviews in the plans since I introduced them a couple of weeks ago as a gesture of goodwill.
  5. Consolidate Multiple Websites: There are many requests to consolidate multiple Websites together for billing purposes. That is something we offer, but only to larger clients who are interested in being on a dedicated server. Those plans start well above the price points of the standard plans, but feel free to contact us if you are interested. For lower end packages, we will continue considering options such as a base price at a normal tier plus $1 per month for added domains, but currently that sophisticated logic would need to be built into our system and will have to come later.
  6. Subdomains: There were also requests to include subdomains along with their corresponding root domain, and this is something that we are indeed going to do (with some reasonable limitations.) We have the technical work scoped out to make this happen, but in the meantime if you are upgrading need this feature just let us know and we'll take care of you.

By the way, we had a couple of people suggest that we come up with a "name" for our beta testers going forward so that you guys could carry a designation that sets you apart from the people who sign up later. We totally agree, and are working on that system. What would you like to be called? I want to make sure we never forget who the people were that helped us develop and bring this service to market. So stay tuned!

Now, the number one thing that you can do to help us continue to serve you and add features is to head on over to your Member's Area and upgrade to any of our new paid plans. As always, on behalf of the entire Woopra team, I sincerely thank you for your business and your support.


John P.
- - - -
John Pozadzides
Chief Executive Officer
IFusion Labs, LLC
Twitter: @johnpoz

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