You know what? Why is everyone treating "real-time" as if it's something special? It's not. It's how I live my life, and I'm willing to put money on the fact that you do too.

When I'm talking to a friend face-to-face I don't say something and then wait for an hour (or a day) for a response. The conversation happens as a steady flow. If you really think about it, the world would come to a crushing halt if everything happened at the "speed of the Web".

That is so "Web 2.0" isn't it? Didn't IBM have a commercial comparing faxes to emails or something? Well, guess what. The reason Woopra exists is that for at least a few of us, the Web sucked and everything was way, way too slow.

Now, it's not like I'm asking anything to "speed up". I don't want to watch videos in double-time or anything. But I think that real-time equates to just-in-time, and frankly it's the speed I'm comfortable with.

The Real-Time Web is No Different Than Real Life

With a flood of information coming at us, the only decisions we need to make are what to ignore and what to pay attention to. Kind of like driving your car. Don't pay attention to the stationary trees lining the street, do pay attention to the pedestrians.

The real-time Web offers those who participate in it a decisive advantage - speed. The faster you are able to gather the information, the faster you are able to process and react to it. This is precisely the operating principal behind . Deliver instantaneous information, and provide tools that allow you to take action on it.

All real-time Web tools should have this as a goal, but I can really only speak to ours. Let me provide a few examples of how everyone can take advantage of first-mover status with Woopra.

Real-Time Examples

  • Faster Advertising Decisions: Marketing experts managing advertising budgets for Google AdSense or other pay-per-click campaigns can make much faster decisions and tweak their ad purchases by launching a new campaign and then watching the results live in Woopra. We all know that small changes in the language of an ad can result in huge conversion improvements, so real-time availability compresses the "Test / Measure" cycle potentially resulting in a savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars per campaign.
  • Tracking Return Customers: Repeat visitors, especially those with repeat usage patterns, can clue us in to a users interest in a product or service. But you can't keep an eye on every visitor that comes to the site, so Woopra provides instant notification tools to alert you. For example, Woopra's Event Notification feature will tell you when a repeat visitor downloads a whitepaper, or is on a "Contact Us" form. This allows you to focus attention on high probability opportunities - or even push a chat to them live.
  • Live Trend Tracking: Sites that depend on delivering news or entertainment content compete to provide the most compelling stories to capture visitors. A real-time flow of search engine keywords lets a Webmaster know what specific content visitors are seeking so they can fill in the gaps by providing relevant articles which will satisfy those visitors and help decrease bounce rates and increase conversions and page views.
  • Customized Real-Time Feedback: If you're running a high volume website and you're not taking advantage of a system that can provide real-time tracking and automated event triggering, you will soon be chasing your competition. The Woopra API can be used to take advantage of these capabilities so you can generally kick your competition's ass instead.
  • Real-Time Visitor Information and Support: For Retail operations, real-time visitor tracking allows you to magically understand what clients are looking for. Imagine being able to observe behaviour, just like in a brick and mortar store! Now, imagine being able to help customers navigate the site and - when click to chat is available (as is the case with Woopra) - jump in to answer a question, assist with navigation or help complete a transaction - all of which result in increased sales.

Real-Time is Here, Now

Life comes at you in real-time, so business tools should reflect that.

Real-time anything means absolutely nothing without a well planned and executed response to the event you are measuring.

This game is so new, no one knows how responses will evolve over time, even though figuring that out is what is most important now.

Yes, its scary to imagine a flood of data coming at you that requires instant action. So, many people will choose to ignore it and focus on what's comfortable - the past. But ignore it at your own peril, because the Real-Time Web is here.


And this train waits for no one.

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