Greetings everyone. It's been a very exciting last few weeks as we showed you How to See Visitors from Woopra on Google Earth, we Dramatically Upgraded our CDN Performance, emerged from Beta and rolled out a new billing system. I'm happy to report that the new systems are performing flawlessly, so I suppose all the worrying the team did in advance really paid off.

Along those lines, how long has it been since I said "Thank You" to our new paying subscribers? Well, that's too long! So, Thank You again for your financial support and patronage!


First of all, please remember that on November 11, 2009 (next Wednesday) at midnight PST all beta testers who who were placed on the Temporary plan that included 250,000 free pageviews will be automatically converted to the new Basic plan.

The Basic plan includes 30,000 pageviews per month and has a few other limitations which we outlined in previous emails. Please take a moment to review your stats and ensure that you are on the correct plan so that you don't end up missing any of your data later in the month.

We also just completed an update to the billing system that allows us to add PayPal as an additional payment mechanism, so for those of you who were waiting in order to be able to select a paid plan, you should be good to go!

Top Projects for November

There are a lot of competing projects on the books to get done around here, so for the sake of focusing our attention, our top development priorities for this month will be:

  • Improvements to the Chat system including bug fixes, increased customization, and better reliability.
  • Subdomain aggregation to allow users with subdomains to combine them with the root domain so all are counted together and share pageviews on one plan. (ie - and may be combined into one)
  • Completely updated Email reporting for those who would like to receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries. (The old reports are temporarily offline as we update them.)

We are also going to begin development on the next release of the Woopra desktop application. In addition to bug fixes, there will be many other items addressed in the client including:

  • A usage meter that shows the status of your current plan in terms of monthly allocated pageviews, similar to what you can currently see in the Dashboard settings.
  • New advertisements present in the application for users on the Basic plan.
  • A new auto-upgrade system which allows the application to keep up to date without requiring large downloads and complete new installations.

That's all for this update, stay tuned for more good news and progress throughout the month.

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