I mentioned in our November State of the Union that one of the three big projects for this month was Subdomain aggregation. This allows you to combine traffic from subdomains with the root domain so all are counted together and share pageviews under a single subscription.

It also does one other very important thing - allows you to seamlessly watch visitors as they move between subdomains. This is something which is not possible when subdomains are treated as their own separate domain.

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now fully operational and available for immediate use on all paid plans (Basic plans must track subdomains separately).


  • Adding a subdomain is now as simple as installing the javascript. You no longer need to add subdomains in Woopra as separate sites unless you want to treat them as totally unique domains.
  • This method of aggregating will only work with subdomains attached to an identical root domain. For example: blog.woopra.com, forums.woopra.com and woopra.com could be combined. However, blog.yahoo.com, forums.google.com and woopra.com could NOT be combined. Likewise this method will not combine traffic from multiple root domains.
  • If your blog is on a subdomain, but you'd like your stats to be combined into your root domain, you may need to manually add the javascript since plugins have not yet been updated for this change. We will work on updating the WordPress plugin soon, and try and get the word out to other platform developers to add subdomain tracking as an option as well.

How to Enable Subdomain Aggregation

The javascript for subdomains is slightly different than usual because it must signal Woopra to actually combine the stats. You can now find the subdomain code in your Member's Area under Edit Settings for any of your sites.

Simply install the appropriate javascript in the footer of your subdomain in the same manner that you do for your primary domain. The tracking will immediately become active and reflect in your primary domain statistics.

A Couple of Details

If you have been tracking your subdomains separately in Woopra up to this point, you can now make the switch to combined reporting at any time. Keep in mind that your old statistics are not automatically merged, so please do not delete merged subdomains from the system as you may need to refer back to them in the future for analytics.

Once subdomain traffic has been combined with a primary domain, you will begin to see those visitors combined in the desktop application and historical analytics results. We will be making updates in the next version of the Woopra application to better highlight subdomain traffic, and you may encounter a glitch here or there with displaying results until the next release.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for more updates later.

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