As I mentioned in the last post, this past weekend was Startup Weekend in Dallas, part of a global Startup Weekend event happening in cities all around the world. I participated in this event, and pitched an idea on behalf of Woopra to build an iPhone app.

Well, we did indeed have a team form around this project, and here's a video with the latest updates.

Seriously, Do You Want This?

It was very expensive to sponsor this little exercise and proof of concept development. But the project is far from complete. Which means we'll have to spend a lot more in order to bring the app to life. We have decided that IF we complete development on the iPhone app it will be free; however, as a business, it simply doesn't make sense for us to do this if the demand isn't there. We can put the resources into the development of other more widely requested features.

So if you really want us to commit the resources to continuing the iPhone app development now is the time to demonstrate it. Leave a comment below, or retweet this article. Based on the feedback I see, we'll decide to move forward or not. I think we can all agree that if we don't see enough interest in taking 5 seconds to respond to this post, people are not going to put forth the effort to download the app.

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