We've mentioned in the past that Woopra has a public API, and recently we've had a great number of requests for access to it. But access to any API is not without its drawbacks.

For example, we have no way to even imagine all of the potential uses that our community of creative developers will come up with to tie systems together with Woopra, and while we want to encourage this, no system can withstand a potentially unlimited onslaught of requests for its resources. (Example: Twitter's API limit of 150 request per hour.)

As a result, we had to extend our platform to be able to meter access before we could fully release the API. And we are granting different levels of API usage to the different subscription levels, starting with 1,000 API calls for our Basic (free) accounts, and moving rapidly upwards for the paid levels. More information regarding API limits will follow soon...

The initial API documentation can be found here, and our first thoughts for the usage of this platform include:

  • The creation of Woopra Widgets for websites in order to publicly display stats.
  • The expansion of Woopra plugins for various CMS platforms to include embedded stats similar to the ones we created in the officially supported WordPress plugin.
  • Integration of Woopra data within private back-end systems in order to build more powerful tools.

If anyone uses the platform to build tools, widgets, or anything else that the Woopra community might find useful I hope you'll please let us know so that we can showcase your work and ensure that everyone hears about it. I'm more excited about the public release of our API than I have been about anything in a very long time.

So please... wow us with your creativity! I'm truly looking forward to it! Now the only question is - who will be first?

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