Yeah! Some of you may have never noticed they were missing, and some of you may have never known we had them, but there was an often ignored Woopra feature that was on the list of things to update - which just got completely overhauled. Namely, the ability to get email reports for any of your site's stats sent to you on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

NOTE: This is one of the features that only comes with the paid accounts. The reports generate a lot of load on our servers, especially when we are talking about thousands of them at a time. So if you are on the free plan you can bump up to Bronze for $5 per month and get these reports (among other things).

Woopra E-mail Reports

These stats are fully customizable, and you can choose who should receive them (multiple recipients is perfectly fine too), how often they should be sent, and even which particular stats should be included within the report. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, you can also generate an email report on demand whenever you need one.

So, if the boss is breathing down your neck for an analysis of the Web site traffic, you might want to act like it's going to be a whole lot of work to "pull all that data together", then take an extra long coffee break, play a helicopter game, and finally log into your Member's area and just run the report. It will come out all freshly baked and nicely formatted so you can just print it out or email it over to him.

Woopra Email Report

Of course, that assumes that you didn't previously already use Woopra's Sharing feature to give your boss access to the stats. In which case he probably already has his own different reports set up and scheduled, so he really isn't going to be happy about that long coffee break now is he?

Right then. Back to work! But not before you head over to your Member's area and set up your own custom email reports. Enjoy!

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