I'm very pleased to announce the creation of three special "coupons" now available to Woopra users to encourage you to use GoDaddy for domain registration and other hosting services. Of course, Woopra works with all hosting providers and registrars, but we are very pleased to pass along special offers from our partners which can save you money on complimentary services.

Going forward, there are three very simple links you can remember in order to rack up discounts with GoDaddy:

I personally have about 100 domains registered with GoDaddy and am looking forward to being able to save a bunch of money on future domain acquisitions.

Hopefully you will all find these links as easy to remember and use as I do. Its as simple as adding "woopra1", "woopra2", or "woopra3" to the end of GoDaddy.com! Yee-haw!

When you arrive at the link you'll see the discount reflected in the banner on the top left corner of the screen which should last for your whole sessions. Drop me a line if you find this useful or Tweet me and let me know @johnpoz.

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