Duplicate Login Notification on the Woopra iPhone appOne of the new features announced in the release of Woopra 1.4 is the new single simultaneous login. Like many programs handling sensitive data, we're now permitting only one login at a time by a single user, protecting your sensitive site data.

Several clients expressed concerns about simultaneous logins, so we chose to limit them for two main reasons.

  1. Some clients complained that they suspected unauthorized users of accessing their stats remotely. But they had no way to verify this. So we built a reporting function that tells you if someone else logs in from a remote location, and if so, from which IP address.
  2. We also wanted to increase the speed and efficiency of Woopra. If you are logging in from a second location, we assume it's safe to free up the resources from the first location. This helps improve the service for all users.

This means that if you are logged into the Woopra Desktop Client, the Woopra Web App (Members Area > View Stats), or soon-to-be released Woopra iPhone app, someone else with the same username cannot log in at the same time. If you move from one computer or location to another, you must log out of the first in order to log into the second.

This doesn't mean your team or clients cannot view the same site stats simultaneously! But for security reasons, they each need to have their own login. If you wish to share your site stats with other Woopra Members, you can use the Sharing feature. For specifics on using shared stats, see sharing stats and multiple logins in the Woopra FAQ.

Duplicate Login notification on Woopra Desktop Client

Here's what you need to know about sharing Woopra site stats:

  1. Sharing can only be initiated on one of the paid Woopra Plans. Each site plan permits a specific number of shares.
  2. Sharing can only be initiated or revoked by the site owner. But it can be done at any time and as often as desired.
  3. Sharing can be done with any Woopra Member, irrespective of their Woopra plan.
  4. Registering with Woopra is free.
  5. Registered members of Woopra do not need to add a site to their account, unless they so wish.
  6. If you are logged into the Woopra website, forum, or Woopra Members Area, you can log into the Woopra applications without worry.

As always, if you have questions, please just ask!

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