Hey folks, if you weren't aware yet, the .CO domain names have now been released and people are registering them like crazy!

I would highly recommend that you go and at the very least pick up your primary domain name with a .CO address before someone else grabs it to take advantage of your visitors who forget the M on your .COM address (can you say "domain squatting"?).

Everyone I know uses GoDaddy (so do we) so head on over to GoDaddy now and get your domain. There are also still a LOT of other great names up for grabs so if you've been wanting one for a while and all the .COMs were taken you might invest a little time and money in a few choice names for later use.

Here are some Coupon Codes you can use when its time to checkout:

  • IAPt3 = 10% off
  • IAPtfif1 = 15% off $75
  • IAPtft1 = $5 off $30
  • IAPtdom1 = $7.49 .com
  • IAPth1 = 20% off hosting

Good luck with your domain hunt! Don't forget we also have discount codes for other GoDaddy domains and more. And tweet me to @johnpoz if you get anything awesome! I'd love to hear about it!

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