The Woopra WordPress Plugin has been updated to version 1.5.

The newest version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin includes the new Asynchronous JavaScript deployment and Author and Category tracking.

We've also fixed a few minor bugs that existed with custom event tracking and server hosts using PHP 5.3.

The Woopra WordPress Plugin permits live tracking and simple analytics and customization from within the WordPress Administration Panels, making it a one-stop statistics and analytics Plugin.

If you are currently using the older version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin, use the automatic Plugin upgrade feature with WordPress. The Woopra WordPress Plugin works with WordPress versions and Themes updated to WordPress 2.9 or later.

If you have been using the manual installation of the Woopra JavaScript on your Theme, edit the Theme's footer.php according to the manual instructions for installing Woopra on WordPress sites and remove the JavaScript. Install the Woopra WordPress Plugin.

For more information on the Woopra WordPress Plugin, see the installation guide and these past announcements.

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