Tatts-Group-Logo.ashxWe've had the pleasure of working with Tatts.com for over a year now. Tatts Group is one of the 100 largest Australian companies and is the largest wagering and lotteries company in Australia.

Matthew Lynch, the Operations Manager at Tatts.com, was kind enough to speak with us about how they've benefited from Woopra during his visit to San Francisco. In the video, Matthew describes a few key points:

  • Getting a Customer-Centric View - Using Woopra, Tatts.com is able to understand how customers are using their website at an individual level, group or segment level, and overall, high level.
  • Reacting in Real-Time - Woopra's real-time data allows Tatts.com to change their website instantly based on customer behavior. It also allows their customer service team to follow the customer's experience in real-time and respond in a personalized way.
  • Seeing Information As It Happens - One of Matthew's favorite features is the Woopra Dashboard - they even have it on a large monitor at the entrance to their office.
  • Building Custom Reports on the Fly - Using Woopra's filtering system, Tatts.com is able to easily create highly segmented custom reports.

Take a look at the video to learn more from Matthew and Tatts.com!

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