We don’t just build and sell Woopra, we also use Woopra. We eat our own dog food. Every single person on our team, every single day.

We thought we would share a few ways different teams use Woopra in hopes that it will inspire our users to see the many use cases for Woopra across an entire organization.

The Basics

Whenever you're implementing an analytics product, the most important first step is to understand what you need to track in order to ultimately gain the insight you need.

Since Woopra is a SaaS company, our tracking is pretty unique to our business requirements. We use the platform’s custom events, custom visitor data, and schema to create a native analytics experience for our entire team.

We track all of our various touch points in a single account. This includes our marketing pages, web app, and both mobile apps. This allows us to centralize our analytics and get a more complete picture of the customer. Every team, from marketing to support, uses this data on a daily basis to make better decisions.

For the first installment in the series, we’ll take a look at how the Woopra sales team uses Woopra for real-time lead insight.


Our sales (and marketing) team receives a real-time Woopra email notification every time someone signs up to Woopra or requests a demo. These emails include all the important information a sales person needs to quickly understand who the person is, such as:

  • Company name and size
  • Country
  • Email
  • Original referrer
  • Link to account profile

Woopra Signup Email Notification

Now this allows the team to get instant updates on potential opportunities wherever they are, but we also need to keep organized records for the sales team in our CRM. For this, we have used Woopra to automate a process where all sign ups and demo requests are instantly sent to Salesforce, creating a lead record.

Salesforce Integration

Once the leads are in Salesforce, our team continues to get sales insight from Woopra.

With the Woopra for Salesforce app, the Woopra customer profile is embedded directly into the lead or contact record within Salesforce. The Woopra customer profile details every single action the lead has taken on our website, whether it be reviewing documentation or watching a promo video. This tells our sales reps about the lead’s interests and intent, enabling them to guess less and close sales faster.

Woopra Salesforce Integration

Monitoring Trial Accounts

The sales team can also monitor customers’ trial and pilot experiences using the Woopra for Salesforce app. There are usually specific milestones that are important for a user to hit in order to adopt the product within their organization. The Woopra customer profile enables the sales team to see which milestones have been met, if product usage is dropping, or if the customer exhibits any other warning signs.

Understanding the customer’s product adoption is the best way to help move them along the process and also proactively save at-risk accounts.

The biggest milestone we look for at Woopra is adding the tracking code to the website or application. Since it requires involvement from the person managing the digital property (e.g. a developer or webmaster), this is our bottleneck in the onboarding process. At the same time, there is no way to see any value from Woopra without completing this step, making it a crucial milestone.

Woopra Add Code Profile

We also watch the overall activity of accounts to make sure they are actually trying the product. One of the biggest warning signs for a SaaS company is slowed product usage. This is especially true during the free trial period when the customer doesn’t yet know your product.

Customer Analytics Product Usage Danger Zone

Next: Product, Marketing, and Support

The next three installments in this series will cover how our product, marketing, and support teams use Woopra. Let us know if you have any questions or points you’d like to see covered in these future posts.

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