If you have set up any custom action schemas, you may notice that the formatting has changed in your user profiles.  We have now implemented a Markdown inspired templating language to give you more flexibility when formatting how data is displayed in Woopra!

The Basics

The basics that you will want to know for formatting are:

Description Template Code Profile View
Italics *Woopra* Woopra
Bold **Woopra** Woopra
Link [Woopra Docs](http://www.woopra.com/docs/) Woopra Docs


In the action schema, the default "Pageview" template is now:

**${visitor.name}** viewed [${action.title}](http://${action.d}${action.url})

Which produces this line in your Customer Profile:

Billy viewed Woopra Homepage


As always, your feedback is welcome! Let us know what you think in the comments below or shoot us an email to support@woopra.com.

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